In honor of National Birthmother’s Day, Mardie wrote this classic article that reminds adoptive families of the woman who made their adoption possible…. their birthmother. National Birthmother’s Day occurs every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. 


The landmark day you became parents… It’s pretty clear that the day of your adoption is not like any other day. It’s the day you became a mother, your husband became a father and your parents became grandparents. Your life is forever changed and no other event will ever encompass all you have gone through to get to this day.

There is someone else who is a very important person; someone who had deep feelings of loss and sadness on that day. That special person is your child’s birth mother. She has gone through a great ordeal to bring you this day. Without her, none of you would have come together.

All members of the adoption triad will remember this day vividly and with deep emotion.


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