Complete Catalog of Mardie Caldwell’s Books

Join Adoption Expert Mardie Caldwell as she takes you on a journey through the challenging and complex, yet richly rewarding, world of adoption. Mardie’s heart for adoption shines through every word of her books. She has had the opportunity to reach out and share her adoption experience with others around the world.

Ellie the Brave Bald Fairy Book Cover

Ellie the Brave, Bald Fairy

This heartfelt and inspiring book gives hope to children of all ages facing cancer and other childhood illnesses. With beautiful illustrations, Ellie’s story will gently remind a hurting child that they can be heroes to others.

So I Was Thinking About Adoption Cover

So I Was Thinking About Adoption…Consider Your Choices

This book was written specifically for women considering adoption for their children and has received much media attention. In it, women can find caring, honest answers to their adoption questions, tips for telling others of their adoption plans, info on how the adoption process works, and valuable adoption resources. In its fifth printing, with over 65,000 copies, it is now considered the finest book of its kind and is available nationwide. In addition, Mardie offers it as a complimentary download for women who need the information as they consider the best decision for their child.

Cover of Called to Adoption

Called to Adoption: A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call

Mardie wrote this straightforward guide to provide tips and up-to-date, relevant information that every parent considering adoption should know. Readers will identify with Mardie’s experiences, making this a vital handbook as parents take steps to adopt. This book aims to help couples fulfill God’s plan for their family.
Called to Adoption shares how different types of adoption vary and provides the step-by-step guidance needed to adopt safely and successfully. The book prepares adopting parents for both the logistic and emotional sides of adoption. For couples praying about building their family through adoption, this easy-to-read guide book is a valuable insight.

Cover of The Healthcare Professional's Adoption Guide

The Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide

This guide is geared toward educating social workers, doctors, nurses, and anyone working with women in the healthcare industry. Often, these professionals are working directly with women who are making difficult decisions about their child’s future. Yet, there is little to no training to bring them up-to-date on the best practices in open adoption.

It contains vital information for any healthcare provider or pregnancy counselor assisting women and covers the various aspects of adoption today and the new generation of maternity health. This guide, along with the opportunity for in-service training, has made a huge difference in adoption education for healthcare professionals.

Book cover of Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide
Two of her books for hopeful adoptive families, Adoption: Your Step by Step Guide and, have won literary awards, including the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award. Both books are both widely recommended by many, including radio personality, author, and speaker Dr. Laura Schlesinger who praised Mardie’s book as the “ultimate guide to adoption.” Dr. Laura continues, “Finally, I have a book designed to give my listeners a safe guide to finding the resources needed to be successful in adoption!” book cover

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