Waiting adoptive mother looks outsideIf you’re a hopeful mom, waiting to be chosen by a birth mother, you’re in my thoughts and prayers on Mother’s Day. I believe with all my heart you will be a mother soon. I know God has already identified your child, and in His perfect timing as to when your child will arrive. For some, your chosen babies are not yet conceived. For others, in only a short time you will be holding them in your arms and looking into their eyes.
I have been a mother-in-waiting like you. I know your heart and mind are focused on being a mother. Your focus is on your adoption and fulfillment of this need in your life throughout every day; especially around Mother’s Day. Remember, God knows the desires of your heart. You will be a mother soon, so stay faithful and don’t give up.
I encourage you to turn your adoption and your worries over to God. Staying strong in your faith may require your recommitment day after day.

Mardie and her son

Taking a stroll with my adopted son Cory when he was a baby

God knows your child and has a plan for him or her. He is bringing that child into the world for you to raise for His glory. He takes care of the little birds and the flowers, how much more does He love us – His children.

My Adoption Experience

When I was waiting to adopt, I dreaded the week leading up to every Mother’s Day. That day always reminded me of my losses and my perceived failures as a woman. On that day I just wanted to put my head under my pillow and sleep it away. My life changed when we adopted our son. But I will always remember how it felt before he arrived.
Many of us greet Mother’s Day with aching hearts. We want so badly to hold our baby. We want to respond with a “thank you” when wished Happy Mother’s Day by others instead of, “Oh, I am not a mother.” How very important to me this was, and I know it is to you, too. We just want to be mommies.
The good news is we will be! God is good, and He is faithful. If you could see the hundreds of women that I have seen who have been where you are, you’d see His faithfulness and know it is possible.
What I have learned in working in adoption is that God has the perfect child for each of us in His perfect timing. As we trust Him and put our burden on Him, He will carry us through this difficult time of waiting and wanting.

Mother thankful My adopted son Cory and I today

My adopted son Cory and I today

For me, it took time, prayer, patience and staying in God’s Word to hear His voice throughout the adoption. He guided us in what to do and not to do and when to do it. When our adoption day arrived, we found the joy of adoption and parenthood. We knew this child was meant for our family because we had confirmation through prayer and the reassurance of His Word.
I now know that the pain we experienced in our adoption was part of the plan God had to help others later. It was the beginnings of Lifetime Adoption. His plan for our lives has helped so many others adopt because we have experienced it all.
Spend time in His Word. Let it guide you and comfort you each day. God has the answers to all of our needs. 

Trusting God with Your Story

This video features Elizabeth Laing Thompson, a renowned author and speaker with two highly recommended books for hopeful adoptive parents at any stage of their adoption journey. Her heartfelt message encourages Christians to discern God’s call and follow His lead in their stories.
Our esteemed guest shares her personal journey of waiting for babies, demonstrating how she maintained faith even during the toughest moments. This webinar offers authentic conversations, insightful questions, practical tips, and biblical references to empower you to trust God throughout your adoption journey.
As you answer God’s call to adoption and deepen your faith while awaiting His next direction for your dream, you may encounter challenging questions. For instance, “How can I celebrate other families’ adoptions without succumbing to envy as I continue to wait?” or “Why am I still waiting, and when will I be chosen by a birth mother?”
This webinar will resonate deeply with any Christian who is either considering adoption or seeking clarity on the path their dream of having a child is leading them.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on May 11, 2018, and has since been updated.