TV & Media Appearances

Mardie Caldwell’s media appearances have included numerous television shows, radio shows and podcasts. She has also contributed to many books, newspapers, and magazines. Below, you will find footage of Mardie’s appearances, as well as media information. TV and Media Appearances allow Mardie Caldwell to speak as an Adoption Expert and help families all over the nation to be touched by adoption.


Mardie Caldwell on the Marie Show

Mardie’s appearance on Marie Osmond’s show “Marie” included the story of an adoptive family and birth mother who found each other through her company, Lifetime Adoption.

Mardie Caldwell on the Ricki Lake Show

Mardie Caldwell appeared on the Ricki Lake Show and shared her personal story of a birth mom who changed her mind.

Mardie Caldwell on CNN’s “No Bias No Bull”

Mardie appeared on No Bias No Bull as the expert in domestic adoption. Appearance was live via a studio in Sacramento, California. Interview with Roland Martin was live. You may read a transcript of this interview here.

Mardie Caldwell on Lifetime Television’s “The Balancing Act”

Mardie Caldwell on Larry King Live

Mardie Caldwell was interviewed by Larry King about whether adoptions are possible in Haiti following the tragic earthquake.


Mardie and Larry King

Mardie Caldwell on CBN’s The 700 Club

Mardie Caldwell on one of multiple appearances on the 700 club with hosts Gordon Robertson (Pat Robinsons’ son) and Terry Anne Meeuwsen.

Mardie Caldwell on the 700 club

Mardie Caldwell on NBC’s “The Today Show”

Part of the “I Want a Baby” series, Mardie discusses options with domestic adoption live in the New York studio with Meredith Viera. Mardie also contributed supporting information per the request on NBC producers for the website.


Mardie Caldwell on Comcast NewsMakers


Mardie Caldwell’s Keynote Speech at Relay for Life

Other appearances have included:

Mardie’s Television Appearances Include:

CNN Headline News
Larry King Live
The Ricki Lake Show
The Marie Osmond Show
One World with Hugh Downs
Dr. Laura
The Today Show
ABC News
NBC News
CBS News
Fox Network
Family Life
San Francisco Channel 7
CNN Black In America II
CNN The Campbell Brown Show
Concord Channel 42

Mardie’s Radio Interviews:

Mardie Caldwell Interview on KNCO for Lifetime Foundation Benefit Concert
Mardie’s interview on the radio about a benefit concert being held for Lifetime Foundation, a non-profit foundation offering grants, scholarship opportunities and assistance for both birth mothers and adoptive families. Voted ‘Best Acoustic Guitarist’ by Guitar Player Magazine, Peppino D’Agostino performed live at the Foothills Event Center on October 20, 2017.

TV and Media Appearances - Mardie Caldwell Adoption Expert Lifetime foundation benefit concert

Wisdom Radio
Ken Hamblin (The Black Avenger)
Host of Let’s Talk Adoption
KGO Newstalk Radio

Magazine and Newspaper Articles:

U.S. News and World Report
Parenting Magazine
Sacramento Magazine
Adoptive Families Magazine
Wall Street Journal
Sacramento Bee
Auburn Journal
Birmingham Magazine
Birmingham Independent
Parade Magazine
Lifetime Magazine
Star Magazine
Newspaper columns (various)

Mardie has Contributed to These Books:

The Adoption Handbook by Focus on the Family
Touched by Adoption
Are Adoption Policies Fair?
Sacramento Family Resource Guide

Mardie Has Won the Following Awards:

Women Helping Women Award from Soroptomists International
Benjamin Franklin Award
Publishers Weekly Rising Star Award
iParenting Media Award
Woman-Owned Business of the Year
Nevada County’s Female Role Model of the Year
Mardie Caldwell Christensen