ideas of 12 things to postAs a business owner, social media marketing should be at the top of your list. It can really build your business and increase its online visibility. I’ve found that social media marketing builds relationships and communicates with your potential customers.
But what if you’re feeling content fried and are out of ideas on what to post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Today, I’m sharing 12 creative ideas for the next time your mind draws a blank:

  1. Post a Video: So many users love to watch videos on social media. Videos can be used to educate, communicate, inform, and even entertain your target audience. You might give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business. Or, you could give helpful tips and how to’s or even chat about a trending topic. 
  2. Ask a Question: This is a wonderful way to engage with your followers! Ask their opinion on a topic, or simply post a rhetorical or engaging question. Another good idea is to ask questions that allow you to learn who your followers are and what they like. The more info you have about your target audience, the better! You can use this info to adjust your social media marketing strategy accordingly. 
  3. Share an Inspiring Quote, along with a photo. Inspirational quotes always get tons of engagement! Find a moment to connect with users and you will become increasingly aware of what really matters.
  4. Re-post About the Past: why not tap into the #ThrowbackThursday trend and reminisce about the past by sharing a post or photo? It’s a nice way to let your followers learn more about you and to build a personal connection. You could post a shot from your last vacation, an old childhood photo, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  5. Offer Your Help: ask your followers if they need help with anything or have any questions. Doing this is an opportunity to gather information about the problems your customers are having, boost engagement, and to show that you care!
  6. Behind-the-Scenes: post an insider’s look into your business! Everyone loves behind-the-scenes posts because they provide a real inside look at the company. Also, posts like this humanize your business, making you more personal and real. Consider posting a photo or video that shows your team in action, or showing how your product is made.
  7. Humble Brag About a Company Milestone: Keep your followers aware of what is going on in your business. If your company just hit an important milestone, let your followers know! A couple of examples of milestones are that the business turned 10 years old or that you just got your ten-thousandth customer. Your humble brag will build brand awareness around your business and get you some extra positive attention.
  8. Preview a New Product: post a photo, a tidbit of info, or a short video to spread the word about a new product you’re launching. I suggest that you leave an element of surprise: don’t tell them everything about the new product. This will make your followers excited to find out more!
  9. Thank Your Followers randomly. You might thank them for being loyal customers, awesome followers, or…make something up!
  10. Share Something You Learned: share value with your audience by posting about something new and interesting you’ve just learned. But, only share it if it’s relevant to your niche and to your audience.
  11. Post Your Brand’s History: Dig into your archives to see if there’s any history of your business you can share. It might be an old logo your brand used or a pic of the earliest version of your product.
  12. Ask Fill-in-the-Blank Questions: these are a great way to get your followers posting, engaging, and sharing. Plus, they’re very easy to create and share. 

I hope that these ideas will give you a lot to work with the next time you feel stumped! If you post things in this list consistently, you’ll see an increase in your business’ visibility and engagement.