adoption mediaDid you know actress Nia Vardalos had a connection to adoption? I appeared alongside her on the Marie Show. Vardalos and her husband went through 13 fertility treatments and many failed adoption attempts. They were finally matched with a three-year-old girl through the California foster care system.
In the Marie Show, I was interviewed alongside adoptive parents Jack and Mary, and their son’s birth mother, Nicole. Jack and Mary adopted through my nationwide domestic adoption company, Lifetime Adoption. Birth mother Nicole shares how she came to the decision of adoption for her baby, and what she was seeking in adoptive parents.
Vardalos complimented Nicole, who made an adoption plan for her son through Lifetime. Vardalos said, “Nicole, it’s people like you who give a chance to people like me. And I really want to thank you for that, because for a birth mother to say ‘I am not able to do this’ is a moment for me to feel a kindred spirit with you. In my book, I chronicle saying ‘I’m not able to do this, and therefore here is an option for me. So, thank you so much for saying ‘my child deserves better!’”
You can watch the Marie Show appearance here: