Called to Adoption, a book for christian couples who want to learn about adoptionDid you know that most adoptive parents begin researching adoption in January?

I’m not sure if it is going through Christmas without a child, or just part of a New Year resolution.  Whatever the reason, many couples are eager to learn more about Christian adoption come January.

I also always have an increase in general adoption questions and inquiries about the services we provide through Lifetime Adoption. I will be posting some of those in the coming days but wanted to provide a resource for you right now.

For a limited time, we are featuring Called to Adoption for FREE on Amazon for Kindle. I wrote Called to Adoption to answer many of the questions I was getting from Christian adoptive parents about how to begin the process, how to decide what type of adoption they want, and what they need to consider.  With the popularity of ‘Orphan Care’ right now increasing the numbers of international adoptions that are happening, I wanted to have a resource that would help all families as they consider Christian adoption.  This book discusses domestic, international, and foster adoption, and gives tips and help for families in the process of deciding.  Whatever path you choose for Christian adoption, know that Called to Adoption will help you!

I hope this is a blessing to you! (Feel free to SHARE with friends or anyone you know who may be considering adoption!)