a fun day with my granddaughter!When my children were little, we would pile into our little car and head to the local car wash for our “mini Disneyland adventure.”
So, today I introduced my granddaughter Ellie to the adventures of Mr. Suds in Grass Valley. Building up anticipation as we drove to the car wash, I shared how exciting it was going to be. As I told her we were going into a big bubble spitting monster with lots of lights, I slid open the skylight, so she could see through the window. She giggled, covered her eyes, and squealed. It was wonderful to see her expression as we drove out at the end. Like all children, she shouted, “let’s do it again!”
Then, we drove to Rough and Ready Vineyard and I decided to give Ellie a “driving lesson” by driving from the vineyard to the back of the property after she picked grapes, figs, and apples.
She has strong arms when turning with tight fists, pulled herself up to see over the steering wheel. Ellie remembered how to shift into drive, turn the car off and roll up the window. I told her that she needs to look forward to see what’s coming up. When she passed our old red tractor in the field she said “what’s that? I told her that it’s a tractor and Ellie’s response was “I want to drive it!”
When we got to the end of the driveway, I got out to put her back into her car seat. She was adamant that she wanted me to sit in her car seat and she wanted to drive to my house. As we turned onto Cattle Drive, she fell asleep.
Did you ever drive a car when you were little too? Share by leaving a comment below!