birth motherI often get asked how old a typical birth mother is. Birth mothers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and their ages vary quite a bit!

Women who find themselves pregnant at the time when they’re not ready to parent turn to adoption as a possible answer. The majority of birth mothers are serious about considering an adoption plan for the child. Some birth mothers are single or divorced parents raising one or more children on their own. In those cases, they simply cannot afford to support another child. Other times, it will be the woman and her baby’s father exploring adoption together. Birth mothers come from a variety of backgrounds and a range of ages from 12 years old all the way up to 45 years of age.

While many birth mothers have had some prenatal care, others have had none during the early months of pregnancy. They are usually in good health and honest about their social and medical background and histories. Some will need have pregnancy-related expenses, such the need for help with medical bills that aren’t covered by insurance.

If you have questions about adoption from the birth mothers’ point-of-view, my short book So I Was Thinking About Adoption is a wonderful resource. You can download a free copy by clicking the image below. Or, you can call Lifetime Adoption at 1-800-923-6784 to request a copy.


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