healthcare_guide2015_COVERI’m pleased to announce that my pamphlet “The Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide” has just been updated.

The updates include completely new colors, look, and the addition of new content. Feel free to read information about this pamphlet at

Here is an excerpt from the updated Healthcare Professional’s Adoption Guide, which compares adoption to save haven:


Benefits of Adoption over Safe Haven

In any circumstance, a woman can make a private, legal adoption plan just as easily and quickly as she can drop off a child under a state’s Safe Haven laws. There are many advantages to making an adoption plan with a qualified adoption professional:

  • The baby avoids entering the over-burdened foster care system and immediately enters into a permanent adoptive home.
  • The mother can know what happened to her child, even if she desires a closed adoption afterward.
  • Counseling and support will be offered to the mother.
  • Adoption is free and there are no legal risks to the mother.
  • Her situation will be managed confidentially and without judgement.
  • Adoption offers the mother and child greater security and stability in the long term.
  • Adoption allows for future communication with the child and adoptive family, if desired later on by the mother