Mardie and the 4th edition of So I Was Thinking About Adoption The 4th edition of Mardie Caldwell’s book So I Was Thinking About Adoption…Consider Your Choices has just been released. There are now over 50,000 copies in print!

This revolutionary piece of literature for women considering adoption for their baby or child was initially published in 2008. Since then, thousands of women have been able learn of the option of open adoption through this book. Many people wonder why women might choose adoption. This book goes through the various reasons, including that they’re not ready to be a mom, rape, no support from the baby’s father, and college plans.

The book also covers what open adoption is like today, answers to frequently asked questions, guidance on telling others about her adoption plans, tips for how she can choose the best adoption plan for her situation, and free adoption resources.

Here are some testimonials about So I Was Thinking About Adoption from women who’ve chosen adoption (also known as “birth mothers”):

“I wish I had something like this book when I was going through my pregnancy and adoption. I learned how wonderful it is to have guidance available during the adoption process…you’re not alone.”

“It really walked me through the process of doing adoption.”

“It made me think about all that’s involved with parenting!”

“I like that it’s small so I can fit it in my purse.”

If you’re curious about this book, you may download a copy at