magical mouse painting in my kitchenMany years ago, I had a little mouse painted in my kitchen.  Inspired by the sweet, helpful mice in the story of Cinderella, I found a local artist who laid on his stomach for nearly two days, painting this sweet little image.  For me, it is a reminder of the innocence of childhood and how we can (and should!) find magic and a bit of whimsy in every day.
It has always been a conversation piece when people see it for the first time, especially children.  At first glance when you see it walking by, it looks quite realistic and I have had a few people jump in surprise!
As the years go by, I notice it less and less when I am walking by, caught up in the “to do’s” of a busy world.  And if I haven’t had people over in a while to notice or comment, I can even forget it’s there.
Last week, my granddaughter was here visiting. I noticed it was quiet, which meant it was time to find her and see what she was up to!  As I headed into the kitchen I heard her sweet voice and thankfully grabbed my cell phone. She was talking to the little mouse and introducing her doll to him. (I’ve included this video below). It was the sweetest thing and brought such joy to my heart!
I wanted to share this as a reminder to find a bit of joy and magic in every day.  Whether it is seeing something through a child’s eyes or enjoying a belly laugh with a friend, there is always something to smile about if we just take a moment to find it.