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I’ve been going to the hospital to visit my youngest brother, who had open heart surgery. After I said goodnight to my brother, I planned to swing by pediatrics again. Last week, my friend’s two-year-old was in the hospital while my brother was there, too. I’d visit her, and as I’d leave each day, I’d share Ellie the Brave, Bald Fairy-themed stickers and bookmarks with the nurses. Ellie the Brave, Bald Fairy is a book that came straight from my heart and was inspired by my brave, amazing granddaughter. I wanted Ellie, as well as all other children battling an illness, to have a character they can relate to.
Mardie takes a quick selfie with the nurses who helped her granddaughterLast week, I got the courage to step into the Pediatric Oncology ICU. I had yet to return since my granddaughter Ellie’s stay there a few years ago.
I meandered around to the nurses’ area, and low and behold, there was the sweet nurse who cared for Ellie behind the desk. She was so excited to hear about Ellie and the book. She remembered Ellie because Ellie made her a card, and her own grandma was named Ellie.
I gave the nursing staff books and stickers for their water bottles. They loved the book, and then I showed them the illustrations of the nurses…them! They asked what Ellie looked like today and were excited to see her so healthy.
Ellie wearing mouse ears and holding a sign that says 'THANK YOU!'I hope the child’s life therapist orders some copies of Ellie The Brave, Bald Fairy for the other children. It’s needed, and I want all children to experience the encouraging message when they are going through cancer, too.
The book was meant to provide hope for healing through all the medical procedures. It shows children that they can be accepted and loved for who they are.  I hope that it’s a blessing to all the precious children battling cancer and it helps them realize they are not alone.
I shared with the nurses how grateful we were for their care when Ellie was there. It was hard for me to walk by the rooms she stayed in, and I fought back tears. But seeing the nurses was the highlight of my day. We’ve come full circle, and I had to share!

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Book Reviews

Here is what other medical professionals have said about Ellie the Brave, Bald Fairy:
Shares Carol Colleen Bolton, RN, “Ellie The Brave, Bald Fairy is truly a delightful story addressing the many concerns a young child has while embarking on a cancer journey. Preparing a child for a “cancer journey” presents some of the most difficult moments we face as medical professionals. This little book is truly “A Hug From Your Heart” to share with the little patients facing cancer and the troubling questions that arise from these young children. The book is also a blessing to parents, to help them as they answer their child’s heartfelt questions. This little “Ellie” is not only brave but beautiful as she loses her long pretty hair. She wonders about what her friends will say. “Ellie” feels lonely sometimes when she sees her friends at play, as she watches from a window. However, “Ellie’s” Mama always tells her to be “Brave and Strong” – and Ellie will one day be “Strong” again because she was so “Brave” during her cancer journey. An amazing, heartwarming and uplifting true-story with beautiful sweet illustrations! I truly recommend this wonderful little book, in it’s sweet simplicity and tender approach!”
And Julie Bowen, RN, BSN, MHA, a Pediatric Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse, says, “What a great story of power and strength! It should be in every pediatric oncologist’s office!”
“As a healthcare provider who works with children dealing with cancer, I strongly recommend this delightful book. Ellie the Brave, Bald Fairy comes from a place of fantasy and imagination that pediatric patients often use to better cope with illness and change. This story beautifully normalizes and validates a child’s cancer story,” says Clinical Art Therapist Peggy Gulshen, ART-BC LMF, Founder & Developer of Sutter Art Therapy Programs.
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