My home as photographed by Nevada City ScenicsI feel honored to have my home featured by Nevada City Scenics, a photography company that shares the beauty of Nevada County and surrounding areas. They produce calendars, framed prints, postcards, phone cases, and wall art featuring local scenes photographed by Kial James. (You can click on the photo to the left to see it full-size.)
Seeing this photo led me to reflect on the many happy memories I’ve had here. I founded and began running my company, Lifetime Adoption, from this house.
I’ve cared for many babies here, and my home is where many adoptive parents first laid eyes on their child. Birth mothers joined us for dinner. We did their laundry, and one even had her water break in our family room! Today, Lifetime has grown to be one of the largest adoption agencies in the country, managing around 130 successful adoptions a year!
This Victorian-era home was built in 1897, and I’ve lived here for 21 years. We’re just one of the many people blessed to own this house in our lifetimes. I often imagine about the others who were blessed to live and care for it as well over the 100+ years. I find myself thinking of what life was like and what they experienced at the home as well. I’ve had many good memories here; it really is a special home with lots of stories. We are humbled to have this opportunity!