Nevada County's 2015 Female Role Model of the YearI was truly honored to be awarded Nevada County’s 2015 Female Role Model of the Year! It was very meaningful to me that I was recognized as a role model, but I’d like to share a bit about birth mothers. It’s birth mothers who, through their choice of adoption, are true role models. After all, they are making a choice which, although it may be painful for them, is in the best interest of their child. In choosing to make an adoption plan for her baby or child, a birth mother is giving her child a better life than she’s able to.

birth mothers are role models!Think about it this way: without birth mothers, adoptive couples wouldn’t be able to become mommies and daddies. Adoptive parents (and those waiting to adopt) should recognize that their children came into their homes after an often difficult journey of their birth mothers. We must remember this very important person who through a difficult situation chose to give the gift of a baby to those who could not have one biologically. For this reason, birth mothers deserve our kindness, appreciation, and respect.

Indeed, you are your child’s parents. But his or her birth mother will never forget them. Even in cases where a birth mother doesn’t see her child, the child will never be absolutely gone from her memory. This child will always be close to her heart since she was your child’s first mother. I encourage you to try and get a better understanding of these truths by finding stories about open adoption or speaking to someone who is a birth parent. It’s also wise to inquire with your adoption professional to get a few references of adoptive families; their happy adoption stories will support your choice of an open adoption.