making a differenceMy dream has always been to help people; it makes me truly happy and fulfilled. I feel blessed to see this dream become a reality in the last 30 years through my adoption program Lifetime Adoption Center and my non-profit organization Lifetime Foundation.
I feel that my key to success in life is making a difference in the lives of young women and children. From my viewpoint, birth mothers deserve the chance for a positive future after adoption in the same way they have made sure their child gets a healthy future. The Lifetime Foundation helps provide birth mothers with a positive future through scholarships, assistance with basic essentials, and nationwide education about their choices with open adoption.
If you would like to be part of this success for young women, babies and young children, please join us by donating to the Lifetime Foundation today. Consider taking a moment to give a few dollars. Proceeds will help a birth mother with her future, and help a child find his or her forever family through adoption.

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Thank you for making dreams come true for others in need. We need you!
making a difference in adoption success
Mardie Caldwell, COAP (Certified Open Adoption Practitioner)
Founder of Lifetime Adoption Center, Lifetime Foundation, and Adoption for Life.