A bunch of wild daffodils on a bright spring morningEaster Blessings to you!
Lately, I keep seeing the word “victory.” We pray for your victory through adoption that you will be blessed soon with the answer to the prayer you’ve been diligently lifting up in faith.
Isn’t victory what Easter is all about? God made a promise to His people to rescue them from their waiting.
Through their faith, countless people, some named, some unknown, throughout the life of the Bible lived through their personal seasons of prayer and perseverance to see God’s promises in their lives come to pass. Their stories serve as stepping stones that allow us, you and me, to know God, and understand our place in His plan of victory!
As I reflect on what Easter means to me, I see it so clearly as an example of God’s ability and willingness to come through on EVERY promise He makes. I truly believe that the hopeful parents we are blessed to partner with along their path to adoption are all answering a call on their heart from God…a call to adopt. I know from my path to parenthood that He only lays that desire on the hearts to which He will deliver to an adoption victory. Hold tight to that truth. If you believe God has led you to adopt, you will. God is always faithful to His promises.
May you enjoy the moments you spend with loved ones, or alone in His presence, this weekend, celebrating Easter, and knowing deep down that THIS is a holiday that proves victory is possible to those who wait and keep faith. I’m praying this is a time of reassurance for you along this path to the child you are waiting to meet.
In His love,
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and all of us at Lifetime Adoption

Hebrews 10:23 can provide hope for waiting adoptive couples